I Am My Baby…

I’m my baby’s giving tree,

Whatever he needs,

He can take from me,

Whatever he wants,

His dreams will come true,

It’ll take my whole life,

But I will see it through.


I’m my baby’s candlelight,

Always on fire,

Forever bright,

I’ll light up the dark,

Show him the way,

And keep him warm,

For all of my days.


I’m my baby’s gentle voice,

Guiding his path,

Underneath all the noise,

He can look to me,

To see what to do,

I’ll survive in his heart,

Sweeter than morning dew.


I’m my baby’s strong tower,

He can run into me,

God gives me the power,

He can use all my strength,

I will give him my best,

I will never give up,

I will fight till my death.


This poem is dedicated to my son. He will never fully understand how much I love him and that’s okay.

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