Ode to Comfort & Misery…

Sitting here in my apartment,

Feeling like a hobo,

Because I haven’t bathed,

In anything but despair,

Which metaphorically stinks.

Physically I only sorta stink.

My hair isn’t looking pretty,

And I waxed my moustache and got a little pimple above my lip that looks like a herpe.

I don’t have herpes.

It only looks like I do.

I’m an imposter.

Weak and helpless,

Or maybe that’s just what I want you to believe;

Maybe it’s just what I want to believe.

Regardless of who believes what,

I live in the roots of a lie,

Fulfilling the prophesy,

squandering every jewel.

What’s worse?

I don’t know why.

That rhymes and you KNOW it rhymes a little bit towards the end! BOOM! POEM!

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