Nailed it at Karaoke!!!

So, if you read my last post, you know that singing karaoke sober was on my bucket list. I haven’t been on a stage in about two years. I discovered my stage fright shortly after sobering up. I just froze and choked and all the notes came out wrong and it was something I was quite unaccustomed to. I don’t fail like that, especially not at singing. I sort of know what I’m doing when it comes to singing. I was raised by my southern methodist grandmother and choir was a cornerstone of our childhood. My grandmother said that we should be able to wake from a dead sleep and hit our notes. She didn’t poke us with a broom in the middle of the night to make us prove it or anything. It was more of a personal goal that we were to strive for, and I can do it in my sleep. I just couldn’t seem to do it in front of people.

I kinda sorta nailed the challenge, although not perfectly. I’d like to do this some more and get more comfortable with it. Really just for my own piece of mind. Perhaps in another couple of years, I’ll get another chance, haha.

Also, it’s worth noting that I’m not used to having to hold a mic anymore, I don’t sing with one at home, people were talking a lot, I was super nervous, and it was really hard to hear myself. Just saying.

I’m posting the songs, because I’m proud of myself for doing this.

Here is Natural Woman, by Aretha Franklin, dedicated to my son:

And here is What’s Love Got To Do With It, by Tina Turner:

I also did So Anxious, by Ginuine, which is a hard song for a lady to do, but I nailed it alright as well. It just doesn’t seem to want to upload, so I guess it stays in my personal collection. I can’t believe I did that! SOBER!!!

Also we got home safe and sound. Met a bunch of dudes at the club we went to after, but they were kinda meh and the music was monotonous and irritating so I think we only stayed maybe five or ten minutes. Waste of a cover charge, really.

Edited to add: I’ve watched the video a few times… okay lots, and my fave is how the DJ seems so relieved when I actually hit that Aretha note, he looked kinda nervous until I hit it, then he chilled. I guess he’s seen a lot of people fail at this one, and this is the first time I’ve attempted this one in public. I usually pick much safer bets… and fail at those, LOL. I actually felt a little pitchy, like I was kinda screaming over the so-called backup singers a little bit, they were super loud, so I wound up backing off of some of the trickier sort of vocal dancing.

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