The Snowsuit

My son doesn’t even realize how fortunate he is to have the luxury of being ungrateful for his snowsuit. He hates it. You know why? It’s too warm, he says. Can you believe it?!? I mean, you might as well call water too wet, or the sky too blue. It’s a quality snowsuit that I scrimped and saved to buy him because I wanted him to be warm… and maybe a bit stylish too, but that’s not the point!  Yeah sure, son, why don’t I just write the company and tell them that my son’s snowsuit is too warm so I can go down in history as a nutty crank! You know what I got to wear to school in the dead of winter? An ugly brown snowsuit. I remember it to this day, it was a hideous one-piece that made me look like a giant turd! It was so ugly that Robert Munsch wrote a book about it. He made millions of dollars and I still had to wear that stinking ugly snowsuit because he technically wrote the book before I got the suit and it wasn’t actually based on me, but I know how that kid felt. I bet it’s the same suit. It was second-hand so that’s totally possible. I would have been so grateful for anything other than that damned hideous snowsuit, but I was stuck with it because that was the best my grandma could do. I’m sure any kid stuck in a brown ugly poop-suit would crawl across broken glass to have a trendy blue one-piece with matching mitts. I know I sure would have. Dammit! -End Rant

Edited to add: I had to pick up my son early from school today for an appointment and coincidentally found out that he’s been wearing the classroom charity snow pants behind my back. The ones reserved for kids who’s parents can’t afford to buy proper winter gear. Guess what colour they are. That’s right. Brown. *sigh*